the summer will soon be over and am yet to visit my love Pascal in his house .he has been to my countless time… I just want to return the story book he gave me the last time he visited.pascal was the love of my life. We were in primary 4 when we fell in love to with other.Now we are in primary 6 just few month to leave the school to secondary school. Our mate new we were in love with each othereven though we couldn’t define wat we feel about each other… He was like a bro ,a friend and a lover .. We shared our lunch sunny am about to leave the house to Pascal’s houses when I saw he entered the compound.

pascal- how are you

Bella-am fine..i was coming to your house.

pascal-thank God you didn’t. … My mum sent me out since and I have not even delivered her message…..

Bella – here is Ur book … Thank you… Have u washed your uniforms….you know school will resume on Monday….



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