How to fall in love

Over the years I have been struggling with love and how to fall in love with someone. Some times. I wonder if I could ever find true love. I took upon my self to fall in love.yes fall in love ..or should I say grow in love. During my course I discover the secret of growing in love.
One of it is .. Discovering who u are. Yes I have to know my self from the depth. I know what I have and what am looking for.. I took time to develop myself on areas that need to be worked on. After that . I define who I wanna grow in love with. Yeah I start reading people and knowing how to cope with them . Then I starting going out . Especially to places where my dream love could be. Like seminars church programs etc. Because I don’t wanna date or grow in love with some who clubs.I avoided the clubs. And even when I finally found who I wanted to grow in love with I still have to work for it to stay alive . Falling in love is easy but growing in. Love u have to work …


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