season One….

I was so certain that we would be transferred into same school. In fact I told myself that we are inseparable. Pascal and I were like two birds flocking together. In grade 4 our class mate call us lovers. But the truth is that we don’t knw what that means. All we could understand then was we are best friends. That look after each other. He could defend me in any ways and I would do same. Some time we share our money. The school kiosk was our regular spot. I remember how we use to fight over sugarcane and buns. I just knew wee are going to the same secondary. At lest that was what I thought. But my parents wanted a different thing. I must attend a girls school. I pleaded but they didn’t listen. My parents felt it would-be better to separate me from him. At lest they succeeded. We but seperated. But I kept remembering the winter season I spent with him at the school graduation ground. We talked like two people met for each other.

that was not the prime. When we thought we wouldn’t see again as fate could have it . We met again .but this time alot of changes had taken place……..


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