The Extraordinary Woman 

Every woman is special in her  own way.  No matter how you may see them, believe me there are special.  God took time to  create and package them.  Women has the smallest spot that affects the world at large They are soft and tender.  They cater for virtually  everything living on the surface of the earth.  Their power and influence can’t be underestimated. They can change anything any time. But my fear is that not all women have  been able to exercise such grace.  They just sit and fold their hands waiting for miracles.

God’s is not happy with that, He wants you (woman)  to go for your powers and use them to glorify Him.  God knew Men can’t do it alone..  Here is what I think when God created man and he discover that man needs help.  I mean serious help.  He then made man to sleep deep.  Now see this,  it’s a deep sleep that might have lasted two to three days.  During that period, God was busy working on the woman.  He took His time to create that magnificent creature (woman)  Now God added some great features the man don’t have.Which means they have what the men has but the men don’t have what they have.little  wonder  why women are complicated. It’s because God wants them to be.  God is complex.  You can’t fully understand Gods ways.  Women are like God.  They are complex and is the almighty God… 

The women  are two times better than the men in everything. Now the women should start seeing themselves in that light. And stand up for a change.  

Extraordinary woman is that woman who understands her value and core.  Who dream big and see it becomes reality.  A woman that has her city in her heart. A woman ready to sacrifice for others. God gave His only son. Extraordinary woman can give out her only son…  The story of the two prostitute is a clear example. The bad woman mistakely killed her son, she then switch the babies but the case got to the king and decision were made to divide the living child into two but  the extraordinary begged and was ready to sacrifice  her child to the other woman.

An Extraordinary woman makes impact.Fears God and believes in her self.

Now I ask you (woman)  are you an extraordinary woman? 

What that your dream you’ve buried? Go back to the grave yard and dig it up…… 

Composed by….. Sylvia Akpotue………. 


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