Things that you can’t afford to lose 

In life there are things u just can’t afford to lose.  Yes ! I will go straight to the point.  You can’t afford to lose your self Esteem,  you can’t afford to lose your  family,  you can’t afford to lose Your relationship with God, you cannot afford to lose your partner, you can’t afford to lose your virginity to the wrong person.  You can’t afford to lose making Heaven at last.



Like father like daughter….  Chilling with his baby chelsea 

Women’s Day 

Today is world women day.  The questions is what have the society done for the women?  We hear sad stories about how women are victimized all over. I mean that’s not how it should be.  Women are supposed to be loved, respected and protected.  But the revised is the case. When will the world care for the women?   It’s. Painful that the people that pass through pain to bring souls to the world are not recognized and cared for in return. It high time to hear the voice of the women and give them a world of there’s.