My love, My School, My life

It doesn’t matter what we  faced.  We were ready to be together.  Though distance separated us  but fate brought us together but this times we wanted something different. I was old enough to make a decision on who stays in my life and who don’t.  He was looking more handsome and charming but I wasn’t in love with him anymore. He wanted me  back but I wanted a man who lovesGod  and   values my dreams…. But I kept on remembering the past. We were so in love. Oh I remember one time in school. We had to go home after lessons, so I had offended a friend of mine who said she would beat me up after school. I was so scared..  So I met him and told him we need to leave school immediately the bell rings.  So he was wondering why but he agreed. When it was time to go. I was ambushed by that my friend just as she was about to attack me and beat me he quickly interven and beat her up.