Police Arrested 3 men Syndicate in Ebony 



Face of a champion is an online Magazine that Encourages youth and single  to pursue their goals and vision. It’s align with the vision of Champions Royal Assembly… Raising a Nobody to become someone.  

If you  want to be part of this movement locate Champion Royal Assembly Kubwa, Abuja, Nigeria. This week face of a champion is still onyou can cast your vote … A or B….  Winner gets a gift and have the opportunity to cover the front page of the Magazine for the week…..  Voting starts now… 

Bride that never made it to the altar…..  

Rosemere do Nascimento Silva a32yrs old bride who planned to surprise her husband to be Udirley Damsceno by arriving at her wedding venue in a helicopter, sadly never made it to the altar. As her unsuspecting fiance and other guest awaited the arrival of the bride, she and a few others boarded the helicopter to convey them to the wedding venue in the outskirts of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The helicopter crashed and killed all the crew including the bride. Her fiance fainted on hearing the news. 

African Most Respected Prophet 

It is no longer a hear say.  The most respected prophet pupolarly known as Bro Joshua Iginla the General overseer of Champions Royal Assembly with 80thousand seating Capacity gave out 10millionNaira to an acid Victim Last Month November  for surgery in India. He also sponsored her trip ,her brother and the doctor to India.  Bro Joshua Iginla is a Man of God who’s interest is to win soul and raise a generation of champions. No wonder the Bible say… I will raise up Men to do like wise…  Champion Royal Assembly is the fastest growing church in African with over 25branches all over the world, South Africa,zambia,zimbabwe,USA,Bostwana,Ghana, Cameroon, Canada, Etc. Below is the picture of the acid victim before and after. You will also find her picture in India. We await the return of Jamila from the surgery.

Apostle Suleiman with his Theory of MMM

​Apostle Johnson Suleman Says MMM is Satanic

and If You’re Involved, You’re Demonic (VIDEO):

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries

International (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman,

has told his congregation members to

disassociate themselves from anything that has

to do with Mavrodi Mondial Movement

investment scheme, popularly called MMM.

Suleman said MMM is Satanic and that those

involved in it are demonic.

Speaking during a church service, the clergyman

said: “Go and check the founder of MMM. He

was a fraudster in America; defrauded people,

and that’s what you’re involving yourself in and

you are a Christian, looking for easy way out.

Many Christians have gotten involved. If you are

involved in MMM, I have to pray for you today.

It’s not of God. Any quick fix way for money is

not of God because some people are being

defrauded to enrich some other people.” “Any

quick-rich scheme is wrong. In life, everything

you get if is not favour from a particular

individual. If it’s quick favour through a process,

you will pay for it later. If it’s a person you know

that walked up to you and blesses you, take it.

That’s favour. But a quick business transaction

that can bring a return of over 200 person, is not

of God.”

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Apostle Johnson Suleman

Says MMM is Satanic and If

You’re Involved, You’re

Demonic (VIDEO)